Saturday, 6 February 2016

Geo's typical InfoWar & PsyOps against Pak army, presenting the killed terrorist as innocent victim & army as guilty

Let us show you an example of how Geo group or any other traitor media wage an Information war against Pakistan and control your minds into hating Pak army... !

Know that 90% of the people only read the headlines and that shape their thoughts and ideas..

Read this headline in The News from Geo group. The headline is clearly suggestive that an innocent motorcyclist was killed by Pak army just because that man made a small mistake !! The headline fill you with sympathy for the killed man and hate for those who killed him !!

But if you read the full news in smaller print, it says that the man broke two security cordons, refused to stop, then he fired at two Military Police officers, wounded them both and then MP fired back at third barrier and killed the man !!!

Geo NEVER uses the term terrorist for the attacker, never tells you that he was from TTP attacking the army base.

The actual honest patriotic headline should have been :

"Terrorist killed as he tried to enter Military base firing and wounding 2 army officials"

What Geo has done is called psy-ops or Psychological operations, a highly specialized information warfare method used to spread lies and disinformation against enemy countries. Geo, Mir Shakeel and Hamid Mir uses this technique against Pak army and Pakistan.

Thats why we say, you are NOT qualified to know these serious security subjects. When we tell you something, which may shock you, pl trust us. we are into this war, you are not. Enemies try to make a total fool of this nation and you will NEVER know who they destroyed you. Thats OUR job to defend you and inform you. DO NOT fight against BrassTacks analysis. You will be your own enemy if you do that.