Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Indians, Khawarij and all enemies of Pakistan are most burnt and hurt from our info war.

Dear children, members,

Alhamdolillah, since nearly a quarter a million members have been added in the last 8 months alone, we feel there is a serious need to inform them of imp points.

You are not on the page of an individual BUT on the page of Pakistan's premier security and defense analysis Think Tank - BrassTacks. BT is a professional organization working for the last 17 years in the field of Threat Analysis, Security Advisory, Psy-Ops, Information Warfare, Development and Analysis of War doctrines, Developing responses to religious and sectarian violence, developing Afghan policy and developing responses to the threats from our arch enemy India.

Our Media work is only the exposed part of the battle we fight. We hear many silly comments that you are a FB warrior only :)). It is because all new members are totally unaware of our mission, duty and scope of analysis and research.

Yes, we fight the information war on media BUT our most critical work is in the Analysis and Research departments where we develop security policies and write threat situation reports.

I dont work alone. BT is a team of highly specialized professionals who support our research, analysis, info gathering & response development. Thousands of pages of analysis produced, books, magazines, journals published...

Not everything is for your consuption and will never be made public :-)

So, when we write something on any subject, NONE of you is qualified enough to challenge it :-)

I see teenagers questioning our analysis, rejecting it altogether, mocking us and abusing us too :-)

Please understand that this is NOT a social page of any political party or religious group. We are a patriotic page for defense of Pakistan in the information war and counter propaganda to hostile narrative.

We run military discipline on this page because we fight a war here !! Indians, Khawarij and all enemies of Pakistan are most burnt and hurt from our info war. We use this platform to remove confusions and educate our youth and nation.

We CANNOT allow confusion to spread on this page. Everyday, I block dozens of members simply because they are violently rejecting our analysis even though they dont know a jack about the subject :-)

we cannot tolerate this sillyness here dears.

If you dont like what we say, pl open your own page and say whatever you want there. DO NOT give us your analysis pl :-)

if we want you analysis, we will come to your page. :-)

Hope this is clear now. If you cannot defend Pakistan in this war, pl dont stand in the line of the enemies at least. Staying silent is the better option for the members of the page but not for Tariq Jameel. He must speak :))