Monday, 8 February 2016

It was NOT Zia's fault that Soviets invaded Afg, Iranian revolution came & Iran-Iraq sectarian war started all over ME - all around 1979.

My dear children, members,

In the last few hours, I have blocked over a 100 members for abusive language, hostile comments and slander against General Zia Shaheed. Most of the blocked members were either Shia Muslims or from the other category of liberal beyghairats who hate Zia anyways because of his desire to Islamize Pakistan.

Most of you were not born at that time or were too small to know his era. If you trust me, then trust me here also. I am praising him for a reason that he was the most feared man for the enemies of Islam and Pakistan. There was a reason why CIA, Mossad and RAW joined hands to assassinate him.

Gen Zia was NOT perfect. He made many mistakes in his sincere desire to revive the Islamic soul of the nation. Every leader in difficult times make mistakes but you have to see his intention and the damage he does to the enemy.

Gen Zia did NOT start the sectarian war in Pakistan. Iran and Saudi Arabia/Iraq/Libya/Syria did.

He was a brave man, strongly anti India and revived the Jihad in Kashmir and was on a solid plan to break India. He was a pan Islamist, highly respected in the Ummah. After Shah Faisal of Saudi Arabia, Gen Zia is till the most loved Muslim leader in the world.

There is NO doubt that he was the most strongest and best leader we had after Quaid e Azam and Liaqat Ali Khan. No one has matched his caliber in shaping the global politics and making Pakistan strong. If you blame him, it is like blaming Quaid e Azam for dying too early and leaving the job unfinished... that would be absurd..

Gen Zia was killed by the enemies. He died in Pak uniform, defending Pakistan. I would love to die like him...

You appreciate when I post things which suit your sect or political party and start to abuse shamelessly when I tell the truth which goes against your fabricated beliefs. My job is not to collect fans BUT to educate you for a reason.

read my book -- From Indus to Oxus !! It is available at Feroz sons also and from our office as well. It is in English and Urdu. This is the history of Afghan Jihad and Pakistan in the 80's, when most of you were not even born. Read, educate yourself and then form an informed opinion.

I dont have to lie to you. why should I ?? Come out of your sectarian hatred and become a Pakistani Muslim for once. We will not post to gain fans. We will post to defend Pakistan and educate you, even if it means getting abused by your own beyadab and gustakh children...