Monday, 8 February 2016

Incredible gesture of love - Bosnian ambassador to Pak & dear friend Nedim Makarevic sings for fallen APS children..

Lets change the topic a bit before I again start to beat the hell out of enemies :-) lol.
I met my dear friend Nedim Makarevic today. He is the ambassador of Bosnia in Islamabad. A fine gentleman and a kind soul. We Pakistanis feel passionately for Bosnia because of the genocide these harmless Muslims had to go through at the hands of satanic Serbs under the direct support from UN and EU. Bosnian Muslims also faced slaughters, genocides and mass murders.
It was Pak army who helped Bosnia too to fight against the serbs and the fact is well respected and appreciated by Bosnian Muslims.
So, when Peshawar massacre happened, Nedim was moved to tears.. ! He broke the diplomatic protocol and went ahead to record a song for the APS children.. Here we bring that song for you at first anniversary of the massacre.
We must appreciate this kind and noble gesture from a brother who shares our faith and our pain.
May Allah give barakah to Bosnia and to our brother for his gesture of love for Pakistan and our children..