Monday, 29 February 2016

This is our final statement on this case. We will continue our war against Khawarij and Mushriks. This issue is in the hands of Allah (swt).

It is a established law of Sharia that it is Haraam for ordinary people to argue and debate about the sensitive issues of deen and it is Makrooh even for the scholars to do the same.. !

There are issues of deen which MUST be discussed by scholars within serious circles only. Public discussion only creates fitnah and fasad..

If we speak on a subject, it is for the khair. If we stay silent,it is for the khair. There are many things you will not be able to digest if we speak, so it is better to stay silent than creating fitnah and fasad.

There is a saying of Rasul Allah (sm) which advice leaders and opinion makers to "speak according to the aql and wisdom of the listeners" !

Those who trust us, will have no problem in understanding why I am silent on Mumtaz Qadri. Those who do not trust us, will never be satisfied and start a useless ignorant debate.

There are million Sharia issues in this case which require deep knowledge of Islamic law and their implementation. Emotions, sectarian bias, anger, rage.. are not the tools to pass any judgement on this sensitive issue.

Those who want to mourn his execution, should remember that when Ghazi Ilm Deen was hanged, Muslims of India DID NOT burn, loot or plunder the property of ordinary citizens. They took out his jinaza in peace and sent him to Allah (swt)'s mercy. Protest BUT DO NOT create anarchy, riots or fasad. Follow Sunnah in his janaza NOT angry rage and rioting.

Those who are celebrating his death should remember their own death for one day, they will meet Allah (swt) and He will decide about their actions in dunya.

Personally, I will stay silent on this issue and not pass any judgement without proper knowledge about the case. A man gets what his intention is and Allah is the best judge and the most merciful.

For all such sensitive religious issues, a Sharia court must decide according to Quran and Sunnah. Street justice, angry rage, violence and murders and fasad on media MUST be stopped.

We will continue our war against Khawarij and Mushriks. This issue is in the hands of Allah (swt).

This is our final statement on this case.

Jazak Allah.