Thursday, 18 February 2016

This is the untold epic of how one passionate fight back rescued Pakistan from being another "Yugoslavia" in 2015..

Let me share with you a story which has never been told before! The most passionate and emotional mission to reclaim and defend Pakistan since Pakistan movement by our forefathers in 1940’s.

The year was 2005. President Musharraf was in full power. It was when CIA decided that Pakistan would be destroyed like Yugoslavia by 2015!! Yes, by 2015!!! CIA had all the reasons to believe that Pakistan cannot survive.

Musharraf had basically handed over Pakistan to CIA and RAW. TTP Khawarij were fiercely attacking Pakistan. Baluchistan insurgency was raging. MQM had become the most powerful urban Mafia in Karachi. Pakistan army was disoriented, confused and the nation was divided. For the first time, Pak army and the nation were not standing together. Religious parties like JUI and JI were ruling NWFP and were fully supporting TTP to dig into Swat and tribal areas to start a violent rebellion within the urban centers. Geo group and SAFMA were waging a most brutal and poisonous information war to attack the army/ISI and completely destroy the two nation fact and Islamic ideology. Shaukat Aziz, the economic hit man was the Prime Minister, selling Pakistan to the dogs. Tariq Aziz, a Qadiani was the Principal Secretary of Musharraf, passing every secret to the CIA and MI6.

CIA had already made a plan that by 2007, they will remove Musharraf, bring in Zardari, Benazir, Rehman Malik, Hussian Haqqani and Iftikhar Chaudrey and then, with the help of Geo, TTP, BLA and MQM -- the last phase of the 4th and 5th Generation war would be launched to dismember Pakistan by 2015 !!

To be honest, CIA and RAW were dead right in their assessment in 2005. In 2007, Musharraf was removed through a CIA/RAW funded lawyers movement. Benazir was assassinated and the power was fully transferred to Zardari, rehman Malik, Hussain Haqqani gang. TTP launched their most violent rebellion in Swat and MQM in Karachi. BLA was already attacking gas lines and power structures and Pakistani State symbols in the province. The COAS at that was Kayani -- another disaster for Pakistan.

General Pasha was the DG ISI. He fought back to defend Pakistan literally alone.. ! Brave officer.

We at BrassTacks knew exactly what was happening way back in 2002. For the next 5 years, we worked very closely with Musharraf, trying to make him understand of the threats and the plans of the CIA/RAW nexus. BUT he did not understand.... In 2004, I met him personally for 4 marathon hours in army house Pindi. Explained to him each and every axis of threat and even warned him that he is heading for a collapse and ultimately court cases against him. He was shocked at this analysis but did not believe it!!! That was my last meeting with Musharraf.... Tariq Aziz and Shaukat Aziz blocked all my later attempts to see him.

Musharraf went on a crash from that point onward. Pakistan was crashing towards a failed State as well. Then came 2007. It was clear now that Musharraf would be leaving within months... and PPP would come into power.

It was at that time in 2007, when I decided to come out in the open to warn our nation of the "Yugoslavia" doctrine and the coming dismemberment plan of the enemies. I came on PTV first.. and then started my own program BrassTacks on News One channel.

My first program was on Secret plans of the US in the “War on Terror” and the six grand strategic objectives of the US in the region. I went public and blew the whistle...

This was the beginning of the public phase of our mission to destroy the CIA/RAW plan against Pakistan. Now you can appraise the most dangerous situation. Times were desperate. Enemies had occupied the corridors of power, army, judiciary and media and a bloody rebellion had begun in 3 provinces...

I was ONE man only....and started to give my azaan against impossible odds ! Pakistan was drowning. Enemy was confident that time Pakistan will not survive and would become another “Yugoslavia” within few years.

RAW and CIA were confident and had deployed following major assets against Pakistan:

1. Deobandi TTP. Deobandi political parties like JUI..
2. BLA.
3. MQM and Altaf Hussain.
4. Geo.
6. Zardari.
7. Rehman Malik.
8. Hussain Haqqani.
9. Iftikhar Chaudrey.
10. Kayani.

To fight all these at the same time – there was only humble faqeer giving azaan, by fazal of Allah alone, in these darkest of times when hopelessness, desperation and panic was at its peak !

Pakistan was slipping away from our hands and the nation had given up hope! Army was surrounded, taking heaviest of losses, demoralized, led by a shameless coward Kayani. Army officers could not enter the GHQ in uniforms as suicide attacks had already martyred Lt General Mushtaq Beg at the gates of GHQ and the terrorists had almost entered the GHQ on another occasion.

Yes, it was almost game over for Pakistan when we started to give our azaan and attacked all the enemies at the same time!

It was in 2007/8/9/10 that we told the nation and the army about the 4th Generation War, Indian Cold Start, US Af-Pak, difference between TTA and TTP, MQM's role as urban terrorists, exposition of BLA, role of TTP as Khawarij, Role of Shaukat Aziz as economic hit-man in our famous series Economic Terrorism, revived Baba Iqbal, ignited the passion of Pakistan in series "Pakistan aik Ishq aik Junoon" and then Wake Up Pakistan. Revived Ishq e Rasul (sm) and rejected all ethnic, political and sectarian arrogance which was being spread in the nation.

Did hundreds of programs to support Pak army, gave the concept of Ghazwa e Hind and revived the destroyed morale of the armed forces. Toured all over the country and met with students, opinion makers, business community and armed forces and gave lectures, explained the ongoing war and revived the hopes of a lost and confused nation. Alhamdolillah, Allah gave incredible barakah in the azaan and for the first time -- the armed forces, nation and the patriots started to regroup, re-organize and then counter attack the enemy plan to dismember Pakistan by 2015.

By 2010, we had stopped the national collapse and were holding the lines..! Nation, patriots and armed forces saw the hope that we can rise and fight back...Tables had begun to turn in our favor.

Pakistan needed allies in the region. We travelled to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran and made secret contact with pro-Pakistan Afghan government officials. We met the policy makers in those countries and found ways to enhance security cooperation with Pakistan. Our back channel diplomatic work started to create waves and opened many serious channels for Pakistan.

But at the same time, our mission also started to receive extreme counter attack from the enemies. Deobandi gangs, Geo, MQM, Zardari, SAFMA -- all were deployed by CIA/RAW to destroy our mission. Billions of dollars of investment of the enemies was now threatened due to ONE humble azaan only. Mission Takmeel e Pakistan was the deadliest threat to the CIA/RAW and had to be stopped at all costs. It is most unfortunate that the Deobandi religious gangs deployed by Hindus at the time of creation of Pakistan to attack Quaid e Azam were again deployed to stop mission Tamkmeel e Pakistan in this most dangerous phase of our history. This betrayal by the Deobandi clergy is also another of their staggering crimes against the Ummah.

But this mission was and still is under the shadow of Allah (swt) and Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Alhamdolillah, we kept on fighting despite extreme threats to our life, honor, property, family and children. Death threats, murder cases, court cases in every city, physical attacks. Every mean and evil method was deployed against us and the campaign was led by Deobandi pro-Mushriks gangs and Geo.

We kept fighting alone like men possessed to defend this Medina e Sani ! Nation and the armed forces finally came to know of the 4th and 5th Gen Wars and the role of economic, political, media and religious terrorism. TTP were declared Khawarij by all Muslims and Geo was fully exposed.

Finally, in 2013, Allah gave us General Raheel and then Gen Rizwan. The tables were fully and finally began to turn against the enemies..! Our azaan became the national security policy. TTP were fiercely attacked, military courts were formed, MQM and PPP terror was hunted, Geo was declared security threat, economic terrorists were identified and arrested, RAW/NDS nexus was attacked, CIA's plans were neutralized.

Army began hunting the economic and political terrorists also. There is total panic in political parties now. Altaf Hussain is under serious threat, Zardari has fled the country and Nawaz Shareef is feeling the rope around his neck as NAB and FIA began tightening their grip. The political terrorists are down BUT not out yet and the Pak army has still a long way to go to win this 5thGW but the direction is now firmly set. Now the patriots are attacking the traitors and the enemies.

While the army fought on the ground, we continue to give them covering fire in Information Warfare and Psy-Ops, protecting their back from the attacks by Khawarij, Geo, SAFMA and political rascals.

In June 2015, frustrated and defeated enemy tried another desperate attempt to remove BrassTacks from their path. I was trapped and arrested in Saudi Arabia. The enemies-- from CIA to RAW to Khawarij to SAFMA -- were jubilant. Now they could once again begin their 5th Gen War. But Allah had His own plans. I came out after 4 months to hunt these rascals again... covering the back of our armed forces in this sacred Jihad. The enemy was stunned. Their most ruthless attack to silence this azaan had collapsed also.

This story has NEVER been told before in this way. The people who matter know it well. The nation never knew. Now we have presented you with facts of this most amazing untold secret of our history. Death and total destruction came very close to this nation and the enemies are still in disbelief as to how we came out of it. Now you know...

In 2010, a retired senior General came to my office in Chaklala Pindi. He said “Americans had told him in 1998 that a storm would soon hit Pakistan. Pakistanis will see it coming but will not be able to stop it”. Then the dear General added to it and said “Yes, the storm did come but it was the Americans who did not see the BrassTacks coming”!!!

Allahu Akbar !!