Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The sands are shifting rapidly in the Middle East !


The sands are shifting rapidly in the Middle East ! New alliances are being formed. Old friendships are being broken down. New maps are being drawn. Major nations are being disintegrated, their geography changed. These are extremely complex times with even more complex and dangerous power politics at play.

Even for the best of the political leadership or analysts, these are difficult times and dangerous risks at play. There are NO simple answers nor exact predictions of things to come but some can be defined more clearly.

One of the most clear indication is that now US have decided to break Saudi Arabia also and has also decided to support Iran within the Middle East. Arabs, especially the Saudis are furious at this change of heart in the white house but there is little what Saudis can do. For the last 80 years, Saudis have invested all their assets, wealth and resources into the US capital system and now the Federal reserve control the jugular of the Saudis. With trillions of dollars of assets trapped in US markets, Saudis has NO choice but to obey what the US tell them to do. Riyadh can show its anger but thats all they can do... ! They know its coming but do not have the capacity, will or the wisdom to stop it...

That is why you see an extreme interest of Riyadh in making a Sunni military alliance as now they cannot trust the Americans to do the fighting for them..

This angry letter to Obama from Prince Turki al Faisal is a sobering reminder of what awaits Saudis now... its is just a matter of time now..