Friday, 18 March 2016

The bloodhound and the butcher tweets about peace, love and mysticism.. ! Their focus is clear -- buy more touts..

Indian National Security advisor Aji Kumar Doval has accepted on record that Deoband is working for RAW to destroy Pakistan. Now Doval and Modi are working on finding traitors within Sufis/Barelvis ahl sunnah Muslims.. !

Imagine butcher of Gujarat leading a Sufi conference... ! Astaghfurullah..

The whole objective of this conference is to find allies within Sufis/Barelvis who can speak against Pak army and Pakistan and work for Modi in creating sectarian divide within the Ummah.

Modi is a Mushrik, Qatil and animal... ! Muslims MUST never be fooled by this snake..

Clinton Emails also confirm that Israel wants sectarian wars in te Muslim world...