Sunday, 6 March 2016

TTP Deobandi Khawarij,posing as Barelvis trying to exploit the sectarian divide and anger on MQ case. New tactic.

I warned you that in times of war, Khawarij will take advantage of the anarchy which is being created. So it begins..

Khawarij and Mushriks are now trying to exploit the anger within Barelvis to create a Barelvi TTP.. !! Astaghfurullah..

The enemy strategy seems to be winning.. ! Nation has forgotten the real RAW backed Deobandi Khawarij and now the Khawarij are pretending to be Barelvis to instigate Barelvis to fight against Pak army and Pakistan.

To all Pakistanis we warn again -- DO NOT fall in this trap.. DO NOT show anger at Pak army.. This is what Khawarij and Mushriks want you to do.. ! If anyone is asking you to do this, then he is a enemy NOT an alim or Mufti.