Sunday, 17 April 2016

Fierce attack on Saudi Arabia again today by NYT. Col Ralph Peters, the author, is the architect of New ME project..

Years ago, I had warned that Zionists now plan to change the politics and geography of entire Middle East. When I was in Saudi jail, I had seen the panic and fear in Saudi govt and when I came back, I had warned the nation that now Saudis will be destroyed by the Americans...The process has begun..

The author of this article is Col Ralph Peters, the man who created the new maps for the Middle East... this snake wanted to break Pakistan also.

US is now trying to seize Saudi assets over 9/11 accusations. Saudis own almost 1.2 trillion dollars of State assets in US. Many 100's billion dollars of private assets of Royals! All can be confiscated.…/saudi-arabia-warns-ofeconomic-f…

There is total panic in Saudi Arabia now. But there is NOTHING that Saudis can do. No one in Asia is calculating the cost and impact of Saudi destabilization. Pakistan has a direct stake in Haramain, which belongs to all Ummah.. !

The signs are clear -- After Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen, now it is the turn of Saudis... Just read the signs and connect the dots..