Saturday, 2 April 2016

India is open about it - Modi wants to hijack Pakistan's friends - SA, Iran, Turkey - to cover its terrorism in Pak.

I had warned you long time ago... India is trying to replace Pakistan both in Saudi Arabia and in Iran. While many in Pakistan remain bitterly divided on sectarian lines, supporting either Saudis or Iranians, the Hinndu Mushrik enemy is exploiting this internal divide in Pakistan to isolate Pakistan.

Indian Mushriks are even offering troops and army for Saudi defense because there are many in Pakistan who oppose sending Pak troops to Saudi Arabia. Saudis are nervous and would take help from anyone who offer -- Americans or Indians.. ! In the past and even now, there are American bases in Saudi arabia. So, they have no problem in having Indian bases too. India is even offering them help in Yemen. Saudis might accept it.... ! Yes, it is that serious..

Now you tell me, would you like Hindu Indian troops based in Saudi Arabia or protecting you when you go for Hajj and Umra ??

It is better if Pakistan take charge of the Muslim peacekeeping force and protect Haramain. If Pakistan leads this force, we can be sure that it will NEVER be used for anti-Iran war but would only be deployed against Daish.

Stop attacking Saudi Arabia or Iran and stop this madness of sectarian war.. ! Even a blind can see that Hindu Mushriks are exploiting our internal sectarian wars... ! Wake up....