Friday, 15 April 2016

Today, Major Shabbir Shareef's brother is Sipah Salaar of Pak army and is showing the same stunning courage in another long bloody battle... Alhamdolillah !

There is a reason Allah has chosen Raheel to complete what his elder brother started...
Khair and barakah runs in the blood of this family. MashAllah !

لبیک یا سیدی یا رسول اللہ صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم
لبیک غزوہء ہند !
الهم تقبل منا, آمین

09 September 1965
CMH Kharian

In a state of boredom, the young Lieutenant was lying on his bed in CMH. About five days ago, he was with his men, conducting a raid, unleashing hell on enemies and advancing in the area of Troti. While advancing a bomb splinter wounded his right arm. Instead of going back to RAP (Regimental Aid Post) and getting his injury treated, he took out his field dressing from his pouch and wrapped it around his wounded arm. Forgetting about the injury, he kept on moving forward, providing valuable information to the troops and giving lethal blows to the enemy, with the bomb splinter still in his arm. Days later, his adjutant Major Anwar, noticed the paleness on his face and difficulty to move his arm. This was evident that there is something wrong with him. Major called him and saw that there is a dusty field dressing on the lieutenant's arm which looked old. Major Anwar removed the bandage and to his surprise, the bomb splinter was still in his arm. Major ordered the young man to go to Chak Kirpal where ADS (Advance Dressing Section) was established but ADS transferred the Lieutenant to the CMH as the wound needed treatment beyond dressing.

Now he was lying on his bed in state of idleness. Getting irritated on the situation as his men were shedding their blood in the battle field and he was resting in the hospital. He wanted to join the battle but the rules and regulations were forcing him to stay in hospital as his wound was severe.

As per schedule, doctor came to the ward, attended him and continued the round. But the lieutenant jumped up and went to the washroom as he had a plan. Breaking the window and making a passage, he left the hospital without any formal documents and went to his unit.

Reporting on duty, he went to his adjutant Major Anwar, who was stunned to see him just after three days of his injury. He himself sent the lieutenant to the hospital after seeing the terrible wound and expected his release from the hospital after a month. But just after three days the young man was standing in front of him, having his arm in the sling. Major took him to the CO Colonel Iqbal who was also surprised to see him.

"Who released you?” colonel asked him. But the lieutenant didn't answer.

"Where is the discharge slip of CMH?” he asked again. Lieutenant remained silent again.

"Look young man, your full arm will have to be amputated if the infection spreads", colonel advised him.

"Sir I can't rest on the bed while my men are already in the Battle zone. I don't care about my arm, I will fight in a serious voice, the lieutenant answered.

Colonel knew that the boy is stubborn and will never be convinced.
"Go to the A company and raise the morale of soldiers", colonel ordered him.

The company commander Major Riaz Hussain Pervez got injured in a battle and was now in CMH. So, the command was transferred to the lieutenant.

14 September 1965

B Company was advancing to capture an enemy held village "Kala Rawan Da"کالا راواں دا. A company was sent to stay on the upper ground and provide fire support only if asked. Colonel Iqbal was observing the area with binoculars when he noticed someone with the advance party. Having a sten gun in the left hand, while right hand in a cloth sling which was covered with mud to camouflage its white color. Colonel thought for a moment that it was only the lieutenant who had his right arm injured and he advised him to stay in reserve, who else could it be with the sling? He sent someone to call him. When he came closer, he was surprised to see that it was the same lieutenant.

"Young man I know how eager you are to fight with the enemy, but you are injured. You don't need to go to the front. Go to your men and do what I have ordered", colonel said his strictly.

"Yes sir", in a compelled manner, the lieutenant said and marched back to his lines as it was not his nature to watch war like an armed spectator but to be the man of action himself.

For the rest of battle days, he kept the morale of his jawans up and did a great job in his sector.

Later the brave lieutenant was awarded Sitara e Jurrat for his acts of valor and got promoted to the rank of Captain.

Today the world knows the brave young lieutenant as Major Shabbir Sharif Shaheed (Sitara e Jurrat, Nishan e Haider)

Major Shabbir Shareef achieved Shahadat in 1971.... and was awarded Nishan e Haider for stunning courage displayed in battle.

Today, his brother is Sipah Salaar of Pak army and is showing the same stunning courage in another long bloody battle... Alhamdolillah !