Saturday, 16 April 2016

We never made this book public before...! Now you can read it. Alternate system for Pakistan

This is the book we never made public... Now it is available for you to read...

This is the total system engineering to change the political, economic and administrative model of Pakistan. The old system, made by the British, run through corrupt parliamentary democracy through the treacherous political parties has to be destroyed and buried by a Technocratic Caretaker government.

Once the entire system is reformed, radically changed, totally re-engineered and a Presidential Model brought in place, only then we can have a leadership which can deliver.

Pakistan CANNOT afford to experiment with these existing political parties and leaders... ! All must go permanently..

Who will bring this change and reforms ??

Pak army.... If army does not do it, then we are finished as a nation and a state. The politicians, judiciary and the media have destroyed this nation and are part of the destruction we see today. Only army is the reforming, defending and protecting institution.

To all those idiots, who say that IK is the last hope, I would ask them to read this book and then shut up....! Pak army is leading the war against all terrorists -- military, economic and political ! It is Pak army which will bring this change inshAllah ! The process has already begun... ! All political parties have become immaterial now.. their leadership would be in jail soon inshAllah or made redundant..

InshAllah khair..

You can order this book COD. click on "buy books" tab on wall. Gift this book to opinion makers, teachers, media people and politicians.…/…/206429986046631/…

Let the nation know that there are alternate models available. We DO NOT need this democracy and we can still avoid Martial Law..

This is called Techno Govt backed by Army for a total system change..