Wednesday, 18 May 2016

TTP is now using the cover of Tableeghi Jamaat to conduct sabotage, subversion in country! Tariq Jameel silent ?

The time has come that we demand that Tableeghi Jamaat should be banned in the country.. ! For many years, I have been asking the leadership of Tableeghi Jamaat to openly speak against Khawarij to protect Pak Sarzameen and Muslims from this fitnah. But the leadership not just refused to speak aganst TTP, they are regularly giving protection to Khawarij under Tableeghi Jamaat to move around in the country and attack top security installations.

This CANNOT go on now.. ! MTJ and other leaders of Tableeghi Jamaat have betrayed this Ummah.. ! their empty slogans of Tableegh hide a very dirty sinister reality -- they protect Khawarij !!

Those who object to this post should know that I have not created this news... ! I am only reporting it to you. Tomorrow, your own children would die because Tableeghi Jamaat protected the Khawarij and Tariq Jameel stayed silent..even giving protection to these enemies.. !

HasbunAlah Naimal Wakeel... !