Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Our simple message to India, Iran & Afg - you will be wasting your investment ! India will NEVER be allowed in Afg.

I am reading posts of many Shias and Wahabis who are objecting to our posts on Saudi arabia and Iran. I am calling them Shias and Wahabis, because they are all sectarian people and for them their sect is more important than being a Muslim or a Pakistani.

They are asking silly questions like:

"Why are we objecting if Iran or Saudi Arabia have relations with India ?? after all, we also have relations with many enemy countries or Kafir countries like US/China/India ??? ""

This objection is so shameful, so beyghairat that only a blind idiot would raise this question. No ghairatmand Muslim would raise this silly quesiton.

Yes, Pakistan has diplomatic and trade/political contacts with many Kafir and Non Muslim countries BUT has Pakistan ever allowed US, China or India or any other country to work against Iran or Saudi Arabia ??

Has Pakistan ever allowed US to attack or hurt Iran ?

Has Pakistan ever allowed Iran to hurt Saudi arabia ??

Has Pakistan ever taken sides in Iran-Saudi war? Has Pakistan ever sent forces to Yemen to fight for Saudis against Iran ??

When I was in Iran in 2011 and 2013, they said the same thing that why is Pakistan objecting if Iran is having trade relations with India ? I replied that Pakistan has NO problems if you have trade with India BUT if you allow India to stab Pakistan in the back and if you help India to send RAW terrorists in Pakistan or if you allow India to get into Afghanistan to support TTP, then you are not doing trade but waging a war against Pakistan" !! All Iranis present in the conference went silent .... they had NO answer to this...

We Pakistani Muslims are extremely hurt at the attitude of Iran and Saudi Arabia. Both have betrayed Pakistan. Kalbhoshan Yadav was based in Chahbahar and running a huge campaign of terror in Karachi, Baluchistan and rest of Pakistan. His passport had Irani visas and he lived under the cover of a trader. Iran is NOT replying to Pakistan nor handing over other RAW agents. why did Iran do this to Pakistan ??

Iran is supporting India to create TTP. TTP is killing Shias. Iran then blames Pakistan for killing Shias... Iran then supports India to attack Pakistan through Yadav... !! what an insane strategy.. astaghfurullah... !!

We NEVER allowed America to hurt Iran. In fact, we helped them to arrest Regi, the CIA terror group waging war against Iran. Still, Iran supports RAW to attack Pakistan??

Thousands of Indians from RAW and Indian army will now work in Iranian port of Chahbahar. Now Indians will have terrorist bases in Iran also to wage a war in Baluchistan. India will have access to Afghanistan, which Pakistan was blocking. Kabul regime is already a puppet ghaddar govt.

Now what options do we Pakistanis have ?? we wont tell you now. But we can tell you this clearly that India will NOT be allowed to stay in Afghanistan and Iran. It is Iran's choice now. It wants to make Pakistan an enemy country or a brotherly neighbor. This Pakistan is Medina e Sani, not Iran. This Pakistan is the army of Ghazwa e Hind, NOT Iran. This Pak army is the army of Khurasan, NOT Iran army.

Iran has to take sides now. Either it stands with Pakistan or stands with India. Pakistan does NOT appreciate what Iran is doing right now.