Thursday, 26 May 2016

So, Iran is now happy in a strategic alliance with a Zionist State. Khamnai himself declared India a Zionist State..

Now Iran should also form diplomatic, military and economic relations with Zionist State of Israel! After all, Iran's spiritual leader considers India as a Zionist State too. So, when Tehran can have diplomatic and strategic alliance with Zionist Mushriks Hindus against Kashmir and Pakistan, then Tehran should also form relations with Zionist State of Israel against Palestinian Muslims..

why this Munafiqat that you condemn one Zionist State and be brothers with another same Zionist State against your own Muslim brothers??…/articleshow/6949524.cms

I am really hurt. An Iranian sent me this email after my yesterday's posts:

"Soon Saudi Arabia will be part of Iran what will you do then? it is better that Pakistanis start making up their mind and accept Iran as new Qibla ..... Stop threatening Iran today warna Bad mein bohat takleef ho gi tum sab ko :)

Ya Ali Madad"

Now this is the attitude and plan of Iran ?????? Innalillahe Inna ilehe rajeoon....

On the other hand, Saudis are also doing examctly the same as Iranisn are doing. Forming strategic alliances with Hindu Mushriks against Pakistan and Ummah.

I can tell you now that since 1971, Pakistan have NEVER seen such isolation and betrayal by the brothers... This is the Nahoosat of Nawaz Shareef and Jamhooriat...

This nation is asking for a brutal azaab of Allah (swt). This nation elected and still continue to follow these MUnafiqs in all political parties, then blame army that why army is not doing a coup !! Now taste the fruits of democracy you all wanted...

Army is doing its duty BUT now this nation will pay from its blood in a staggering way... we asked for it. dont complain now.