Monday, 30 May 2016

The definition of traitor is the one who oppose or avoids making Kalabagh Dam & other large Water reservoirs! #PTI

India had two prongs of waging Water Wars against Pakistan.

1. One was to block Pakistan's water in Kashmir.
2. Use traitors within Pakistan to block Kalabagh Dam & large water reservoirs.

In Pakistan, ANP were given the task of blocking Pakistani Dams. These traitors Ghaffar Khan, Wali Khan, Asfandyar Wali, Bilour... are the ghaddars of the millat, Ummat and Pakistan.. they spread lies, disinformation against Kalabagh Dam.

But the question is - why is IK and PTI silent on this most crucial national crisis of Pakistan? It does NOT matter if PTI changes the police stations or builds a road or a hospital. These things DO NOT affect Indian war against Pakistan BUT Kalabagh Dam does.

If PTI is a patriot party and NOT another traitor stupid silly nationalist gang, then they must demand building of Kalabagh Dam immediately. Else, they are as rascals as other gangsters..

This is the simple ultimate test of their political wisdom.. !! So far PTI has proved themselves as the biggest idiots...