Thursday, 23 June 2016

#AmjadSabri the blood trail leads to terror HQ of 90 & Edgwere Road London... ! The vampire makes the loudest noise

I have NO doubt that murder of Amjad Sabri is done by the terror gangs of MQM, just as they had assassinated Hakeem Saeed, MD PSO, MD KESC, Editor Takbeer and thousands of other target killings in the city..

MQM is a vampire... which is now making loudest of noises and blaming Rangers... ! If there was peace in Karachi, it is due to Rangers. If there is terror in the city, it is due to MQM, PPP and TTP.

The trail of blood with lead to 90 and to London.... ! You can be sure of that... !

Until the terror central of MQM is not shut down, peace cannot return to Karachi.... !