Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Last year, at this time, I was locked in a solitary confinement cell in Saudi Intelligence jail in Medina..

I was sitting alone in my 6 feet by 9 feet solitary confinement cell. I only had a vague idea of time, day or date for the room is totally sealed, without any sunlight, without any fresh air and totally sound proof... where even the sound of azaan or guards could not come... powerful lights and noisy air conditioner kept you awake all the time.. ! Then the slit in the steel door opened and the guard pushed some food and growled in a harsh tone... "Sahoor, Sahoor"... !

Only then I realized that Ramazan had begun... !!

It had been 15 days since I was kidnapped illegally and un Islamically from Masjid e Nabwi Shareef by Saudi Intelligence when I had gone there for Umra with my wife. Now locked up in the tiny grave like cell, I was beginning my Ramazan alone while my wife waited for me in our hotel in Medina.

It was the most testing Ramazan of our lives... ! I had no idea of Salat timings, I could not pray Jamaat, could not pray Juma, could not even know if it is Iftar time or Sehri... ! Once, I did my iftar at Isha time because I was not told that Iftar time has come.....I would spread my few dates and soup with dry bread on the floor and then do my iftar with shukar and sabr, alhamdolillah... but present in thought with my wife who would also be sitting alone at Darbar e Nabwi, doing her iftar with Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm).

Once the entire prison went hungry without dinner all night because the King was visiting the Medina airport and all roads were blocked and no food could be delivered to Jail. No apology was offered by the jail staff, who reminded me of angels of hell, without mercy, harsh, brutal and cruel..

Today, sitting in my home with family in the protection and blessings of our home, my thoughts are with thousands of fellow prisoners who are locked up in those jails illegally, immorally and Un-Islamically, just as I was.

I was a guest of Rasul Allah (sm). Even if I was an enemy, Saudis had NO right to arrest me or hundreds like me who are arrested while they come for Hajj or Umra. This is tally haram and Gustakhi in the darbaar of Rasul Allah (sm) to humiliate, torture and insult the guests of Sayyadi like this.

Today, when I see that many consider Saudi arabia to be an Islamic country, I hear the screams of innocent good Muslims locked up in Saudi jails for years after years without any justice or mercy... The zulm that I have seen in Saudi jails would shake the throne of Allah (swt).... ! This zulm cannot go on....

When I came back to Pakistan, I wrote a letter to Saudi embassy in Pakistan and demanded a formal apology and payment of Diyat for the crimes they committed against me. As usual, they never replied.... But now I have filed a case in the court of Allah (swt) and He is the best of the judges, best of the lawyers...

Ramazan Mubarak to you all ! May Allah have mercy upon the Ummah, which is facing its toughest test since the Crusades and the Mongol invasion and we have NO Salahuddin today... ! You know you live in darkest of times when Khadim ul Haramain shareefain kidnaps the guests of Rasul Allah and is the custodian of most brutal jails in the world...