Saturday, 25 June 2016

The right strategy to eliminate the RAW backed TTP Khawarij :)))) RAW & NDS can burn in hell... :)

This is the right strategy to destroy the Khawarij in Afg. Pak army has crushed them in Pakistan and now our allies, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is destroying these RAW/CIA/NDS agents in Afghanistan.

The supporters of Khawarij have always been lying to you that TTP is follower of Mullah Umer and Islamic Emirate of Afg. We always told you that these are two different groups.. two radically different ideologies, to separate movements, two different militias..

The pro-Mushrik Congressi Deobandi Mullahs have always lied that TTA also follow the same ideology as TTP. This news should be enough to smash their faces in a jaw breaking reply.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will be returnd to Kabul InshAllah. There is NO place in Islamic Afghanistan for Mushriks and Khawarijs.