Monday, 6 June 2016

Behind every "Muslim" terrorist gangs, you will find MI5 or CIA !! Tahir Ashrafi, Mufti Naeem, Popalzai work for MI5

This is a real ad in British papers. British Intelligence hiring Muslim Mullahs from all sects to turn militants into spies & terrorists... !!

Now you will know the duty of Mufti Naeem, Tahir Ashrafi, Fazal Ur rehman, Mufti Qawi, Mullah Aziz, Mullah Popalzai and so many like them.... They work for British agencies or CIA on huge pays and create all the sectarian and religious fasad.. thats why these fake agents Mullahs are brought on media to represent Islam...

These are times of fitnah..Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) had warned us of these times..

There is ONLY one definition of true alim in these times.. - He will defend Pakistan & Pak army against fitnahs of Khawarij and will do tableegh of Ghazwa e Hind... !

If your alim is not doing these sacred duties, then there is a problem with him...