Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Ever since I came back from Saudi jail last year, I was warning that Saudi Arabia is going to explode soon!

Every since I came back from Saudi jail last year, I have been warning the Ummah that Saudi arabia is about to explode and we should form a Muslim force to defend Haramain. The idiots and the retards called me an Irani agent and said that I am doing propaganda against Saudi Arabia because they had arrested me.

Now, all those idiots and retards should just shut up.....

It begins in Saudi Arabia. reports say 4 explosions in various cities, 2 next to Masjid e Nabwi shareef itself.

In Saudi jail, I had seen thousands of Saudis who were filled with rage against the ruling family and all had sympathies with Daish... There are hundreds of thousands of Daish supporters in Saudi Arabia and they can move freely as they are Saudi citizens and strike at will as they have done today... this is a nightmere scenario for Saudi ruling elite..

On one hand Iran/Shias/Houthis are waging a war against Saud family. On the other hand Daish is active. On third axis, the local Saudis are angry with the ruling family. on fourth axis, crashing oil prices are hitting the Saudi economy very had. On fifth axis, the American now want saudis to go... This is a dangerous mix and we know what is coming towards Saudi Arabia...

This is a serious threat analysis. Only the idiots will ignore it.

May Allah have mercy on Ummat e Marhoom.... ! Ya Allah Karam