Friday, 29 July 2016

This is the reason why CIA coup failed against dear #Erdogan. A leader who can break you into tears, loved by millet

Our nation has only seen ghatia leaders like we have. Our youth and nation have NO idea what a great wise patriotic & loved leadership looks like.... ! I hear some of our retarded youth comparing Ik with Quaid e Azam, with Erdogan... calling him a leader of higher stature than Quaid or Erdogan.... Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeeoon.

A great leader is the one who can make you cry, make your tears flow uncontrollably and unite you in the love of your faith and ideology against the entire world...He is loved and he loves you... he ignites in you a passion which is so romantic that it explodes your soul... For Turks, this is Erdogan..

For Pakistan, we still await such leader. Rest are all false gods...