Sunday, 24 July 2016

PTI wants Tabdeeli but the problem is that neither IK is Erdogan nor his confused "tigers" are like Turk patriots!

Millions of unarmed, women, children, men came out on the streets to defend their country. They blocked Tanks, faced bombs, bullets and machine guns BUT NOT a single person went on a rampage to burn public or private property... ! NOT a single car was burnt, NOT a single glass was broken, NOT a single building was burnt..These are the true followers of an Ideological leader, a true nation and true patriots... !! They all carried Turkish flags, NOT even the flag of AK party.. Just Turkish flags.... (First Jpeg)

What happens in Pakistan ?? Workers of every political party burn public and private property, they destroy what belongs to ordinary people and belong to Pakistan. Workers turn into mobs burning, looting Banks and property.. That is why in Pakistan, leaders and their political parties cannot bring any change, they can only create anarchy.... Watch second Jpeg..

Tabdeeli is brought by a United, ideological & Organized Nation. NOT by a political party of Gustakh, badtameez, arrogant & ignorant mobs... ! Yes, they can create anarchy BUT NOT Tabdeeli...

I know this will hurt but that is the very bitter truth.... Imran or Dr. TUQ are not the leaders to change the destiny of the nation who would lead this nation into Ghazwa e Hind or Khilafat e Rashida model... Nation have to wait for that leadership..

For now, just focus on removing this filthy corrupt regime... and trust army to do the right thing...No political party has any decisive role now....