Friday, 8 July 2016

Roman Ambassador said to Hz Umer "Umer, you do justice hence sleep peacefully. Our rulers do zulm, hence are afraid"

Astaghfurullah, these Zalims are so afraid of their own people that they cannot even offer Eid Salat in Masjid. Both these thieves were afraid that Muslims will beat them up in Masjid, so they decided to pray eid namaz in their own hotels... May Allah's curse be upon them.

Remember, when Hazrat Umer was sleeping alone, under a tree in the desert, then the Roman ambassador saw him in astonishment and said "Umer, you do justice and thats why you sleep so peacefully without any guards. Our Roman kings do Zulm and they are afraid of people even behind high walls and guards"

Our rulers are Zalims, Fasiqs and Khaiins and inshAllah, humiliation and zillet awaits them in Dunya and Akhira... !