Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Without any doubt, todays attack in Karachi on Pak army men is done by MQM. Altaf the toad had openly warned Army !!!

We have always warned our nation that the final battle for Pakistan will be fought in Karachi... ! Today, two more Ranger Jawans have been martyred by MQM. Just today, Rangers had recovered similar weapons from an MQM base. PPP government is in panic mode already... they have NOT extended the powers of Rangers to all Sindh but Rangers is operating anyways...

Both PPP and MQM gangs are connected to TTP Khawarij though Mufti Naeem and JUI. All are controlled by RAW and agents like Kalbhoshan Yadav...

When Kashmir is hot, India will take the pressure off in Karachi.

Britain is fully protecting Altaf the toad and not handing over to Pakistan.

But Khair inshAllah... Pak army, ISI and Rangers are fully determined.... the true enemy sits within the political parties which rule the country. Nawaz govt is protecting all these terrorists to blame and stop army from coming after them..

Told you before, August would be an important month for anti-terrorist and anti-traitor operations all over the months, InshAllah.

Dont panic, dont lose hope. We will have to pay the price in blood of our sons but inshAllah, each and every Kharji and RAW snake will be killed.... Promise.