Friday, 22 July 2016

Pakistan needs a true "Benevolent Dictator" & a team of patriotic Technocratic government. This system is cancerous!

You can have a million elections and still thse rascals will come to power to keep you slaves... because the law and the system is on their side. 95% do not vote, still these rascals will become rulers.. to rob, loot and plunder..

Are you happy with this system and have you voted in this ?? then DO NOT ask army to come and save you now.. you asked for it and now you are in this azaab. In 2013, I had strongly resisted these elections and told the naiton that you will cry..

I still say, Army backed technocratic govt wth a President on top is the solution... all others are just sinister circus to destroy Pakistan in this 5th Gen War !!