Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The liberal secular beyghairats have been lying to you all along for decades... read these and arm yourself with knowledge.


These are the most important tweets I did yesterday and today on ideology of Pakistan. The liberal secular beyghairats have been lying to you all along for decades... read these and arm yourself with knowledge.

@ZaidZamanHamid: When the liberal rascals talk about Quaid, they only mean "secular Pakistan"! Their sinister tongues twist & lie.. https://t.co/BUpcx2jmkD/s/jVnI

@ZaidZamanHamid: The biggest intellectual fraud that these liberal seculars do is that they try to separate Quaid from the Pan Islamic ideology of Iqbal..

@ZaidZamanHamid: Quaid has gone through a huge transformation - politically & ideologically - in his 7 decades of life..From MA Jinnah to Quaid e Azam....

@ZaidZamanHamid: MA Jinnah of Hindu Muslim unity was defeated & rejected by Muslims by 1930 & had left India for good to settle in UK.. His Pol life was over

@ZaidZamanHamid: It was Allama Iqbal who converted him, infused his own ideology into MA Jinnah, brought him back, launched him & backed him with force...

@ZaidZamanHamid: When Jinnah followed Iqbal, he reemerged as a rejuvenated Quaid e Azam, the great leader of the Indian Muslims... then carved a continent..

@ZaidZamanHamid: Quaid himself called Allama Iqbal his spiritual mentor, guide, ideologue and openly accepted that Iqbal was the visionary behind Pakistan,

@ZaidZamanHamid: The narrative of the liberal seculars that Quaid wanted a secular Pakistan & Iqbal had no role in Pak movement has been totally defeated now

@ZaidZamanHamid: Yes, we will make a Pakistan of Quaid e Azam. That is the Pakistan of Allama Iqbal - a revolutionary Pan Islamic welfare State of Ummah...

@ZaidZamanHamid: There was NEVER a secular Pakistan even as an idea within any of the founding fathers. Objectives Resolution was passed by founding fathers!

@ZaidZamanHamid: The liberals of Pakistan are so morally intellectually bankrupt that they cannot differentiate between a theocratic State & an Islamic State

@ZaidZamanHamid: A Theocratic State is run by Mullahs like Popes or Ayatullahs.. An Islamic State is run under Quranic law by Politicians, Generals, Rulers..

@ZaidZamanHamid: Read the Original speech of founding father PM of Pakistan Liaqat Ali Khan before passing Objectives Resolution...

@ZaidZamanHamid: PM Liaqat Ali Khan was NOT a Mullah, a Nawab, an aristocrat, highly educated polished finest of Gentleman..! He was amongst founding fathers

@ZaidZamanHamid: The sold out liberal seculars deliberately compare Secular State with a Theocratic State to confuse & distract from an true Islamic State ..

@ZaidZamanHamid: Pakistan will NEVER be a Secular State. Never be a Theocratic State. It will be an Islamic Welfare State based on Quranic law & Sunnah ! IA

@ZaidZamanHamid: We had NOT created this land, NOT sacrificed millions, NOT left daughters behind so that these rascals rule us today

@ZaidZamanHamid: Once you listen to this brief interview I gave to a private TV, no liberal secular would be able to fool you ever..

@ZaidZamanHamid: Quaid about Iqbal "To me he was a personal friend, philosopher & guide and as such the main source of my inspiration and spiritual support"

@ZaidZamanHamid: Quaid also said " the sorrowful news of the death of Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal had plunged the world of Islam in gloom mourning "

@ZaidZamanHamid: Quaid also said that "Sir Iqbal was undoubtedly one of the greatest poets, philosophers and seers of humanity of all times"...!

@ZaidZamanHamid: Now if any liberal secular says that Quaid was a secular man & Iqbal had no influence over him: such a rascal must be locked up for insanity

@ZaidZamanHamid: Quaid: "Iqbal is no more amongst us, but had he been alive he would have been happy to know that we did exactly what he wanted us to do"

@ZaidZamanHamid: Quaid "I were then offered to make a choice between the works of Iqbal and the rulership of the Muslim state, I would prefer the former"

@ZaidZamanHamid: Quaid "The message of Iqbal has reached the farthest corners of the world. He was the greatest interpreter of Islam in modern times"

@ZaidZamanHamid: Quaid " "Iqbal is goig to live for ever. The coming generations will look upon him as the greatest benefactors of Muslims."

@ZaidZamanHamid: Quaid on 9th August 1941
"Every great movement has a philosopher and Iqbal was the philosopher of the National Renaissance of Muslim India"

@ZaidZamanHamid: Quaid also said "Iqbal was a poet who inspired Muslims with the spirit and determination to restore to Islam its former glory"..

@ZaidZamanHamid : Quaid "He was one of the first to conceive of the feasibility of the division of India on national lines as the only solution of India's.."

@ZaidZamanHamid : The two biggest intellectual betrayals of our history are:
1. Project Quaid as liberal Secular.
2. Hide the true bond between Quaid & Iqbal

@ZaidZamanHamid: Quaid also said on Iqbal "He was a true and faithful follower of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), a Muslim first and a Muslim last"

@ZaidZamanHamid : The Pakistan of future would be the Pakistan of Quaid & Iqbal! the ideological betrayal & treason of liberal seculars is fully exposed now.