Tuesday, 16 October 2012

InshAllah, soon you will see Pak army reclaiming this Pak Sarzameen and snatching it from the jaws of Khawarij and the corrupt

For the last 3 years, Americans have been crashing upon Pakistan to start a military operation against Afghan Mujahideen in North Wazirstan but Pak army is still resisting the military action. Still, the traitors, khawarij and the idiots say Pakistan army is working on the American agenda!!

Imagine the desperate state of the army. They are fighting to defend Pakistan in an environment where the

government is writing memo's to the Americans to destroy pak army and nuclear program, where media is more destructive and treacherous against Pakistan and army than the Hindu Zionists, where Judiciary is attacking the army more fiercely than the insurgents, where over 10,000 Pak army officers and men have died fighting the Khawarij of TZP and where the economy has collapsed due to corruption -- and then the snakes blame the army for all the crisis in the country.

The democracy is a curse and when we ask army to restore the law and order and stabilize the country, these snakes say worst democracy is better than best martial law !! Astaghfurullah.

When Khawarij, the dogs of hell, attack an innocent girl, they try to prove that she was rightly shot as she gave some controversial statements when she was 11 years old !!! This way they support the cause of the Khawarij that murdering little girls is justified.

Our duty is not to please our readers. Our duty is to please Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm), even it means waging a war against the entire world. Today, there are criminal cases against this Faqeer in every city of Pakistan and our presence is blocked in zionist control media because we spoke against Zulm, Kufr and against all enemies of Medina e Sani. We say, Alhamdolillah. This is the price to pay for speaking the truth in front of Taghoot and Dajjal.

Today, we tell you clearly. It is the barakah and khair of this Pak army that Allah has kept us alive with whatever dignity and respect. Every enemy of Rasul Allah (sm) is attacking this army and ISI but we are going to defend them with all our strength. Rasul Allah (sm) has given Bisharat and glad tidings to the army which:

1. Fight the Khawarij
2. Which fight the Hindu Zionists in Ghawaz e Hind.

Both these khush khabris are for Pak army, Alhamdolillah. Those attacking and abusing Pak army should fear loosing their amaal in dunya and akhira for this army is protecting the honor of this medina e Sani, else the Khawarij and the terrorists of BLA and the western crusaders and Hindu Zionists would be entering into our homes.

InshAllah, soon you will see Pak army reclaiming this Pak Sarzameen and snatching it from the jaws of Khawarij and the corrupt. Even if there is a delay now, you will see a most ruthless accountability of the traitors and the corrupt, InshAllah. If you do not believe us, just wait and watch. if you cannot contribute any khair for this Pak Sarzameen, then you have no right to criticize as well. If you have not supported the army and the nation in these desperate times against the enemies, then you have no right to demand freedom as well. Wait.. Allah is coming with His judgement and indeed it is going to be most painful for the munafiqeen, Tamashbeen and the Kafireen. Just wait... Its not very far now.