Tuesday, 16 October 2012

DO NOT mix the war strategies of Khawarij and crimes of CIA

To all those who say that why are we and the media promoting Malala and not the victims of the drone attacks, let us explain a critical point. Understand this clearly and don't be a victim of Khawarij propaganda.

Pakistan is under attacks from all sides now. We are fully and totally surrounded and now facing the last stages of this anarchic destructive war. This is called the 4thGW.

1. Khawari

 2. BLA.
3. CIA / drones.
4. Media / propaganda war.
5. Government corruption / treason.
6. Judicial collapse.
7. Economic anarchy, collapse and corruption leading to social chaos.

We have to fight all these threats and axis simultaneously. Each one is important. Each threat has foreign involvement and funding from hostile secret services or forces.

So, when we fight against Khawarij of TZP, don't start shouting that why are we not raising our voice against drones?? That would be a blunder of staggering proportions and falling for the Khawarij propaganda.

Understand this fact here that Khawarij have made a blunder by attacking an innocent child. The whole country has risen against Khawarij because of this murder attempt. This has shocked the Khawarij and they are deploying all their resources in media and cyber world to divert the attention towards Drones and so called " crimes" of the army. Do not let them do that. For the first time, Khawarij have been put on the defensive at a national scale and we must expose them more, NOT fall for their diversionary and distraction tactics.

Khawarij are raising multiple issues against Malala. They are saying that why is media giving her so much coverage and not to the drones? Such propaganda is creating doubts in the minds of the people over the crimes of Khawarij and some are even approving unknowingly what Khawarij did to Malala.

To all Pakistanis we say, don't be stupid. This is the time to increase pressure on Khawarij. Malala is an innocent child who was a global celebrity and was a symbol of child education against Khawarij. She was targeted by the Khawarij for a reason.

Indeed, the Americans and the Zionist controlled media would also try to exploit the case to force Pak army to launch an operation in North Waziristan but that we understand. It does NOT mean that Zalimaan of Khawarij can shoot little girls at point blank range.

Drones are separate crimes by CIA. DO NOT mix the war strategies of Khawarij and crimes of CIA, even though Khawarij are also CIA / RAW backed. We have to fight them separately and independently using different strategies.

We can fight the khawarij within our country but to destroy them inside Afghanistan and to destroy the drones, we have to wage a war directly against US and NATO. That we can only do when we have a strong patriotic government in Islamabad, not under the present circumstances.

So Sabr and be wise and attack the enemies one by one. Khawarij are the most immediate threat we can handle easily and must remain united against them. They have made a blunder and this must be fully exploited.

We will deal with the drones separately InshAllah. This regime must go for that and army must get full media, judicial and national support. Armies cannot go to war without total national support. Understand this. We are surrounded and the state is collapsing fast. Army needs your help against Khawarij. If you cannot help now, then stay silent at least.

khair inshAllah