Thursday, 18 October 2012

Pak army will only do any military action against Khawarij in NW after taking the nation on board

 US has been desperate and their agents in media have been generating extreme hype that Pakistan army must start a military operation in North Waziristan against Afghan resistance. Pak army has been resisting the US pressure for 4 years now and is still resisting the US demands.

Now read this report from the Corp Commanders conference last night. Those who were spreading lies and propaganda that Pak army is about to start the North Waziristan Op should hang their heads in shame. Liars and propagandists for the enemies. Pak army will only do any military action against Khawarij in NW after taking the nation on board, NOT under US pressure. For now, NO operation is planned.

The terrorists are based in Kunar who are waging a war against Pak Sarzameen under the protection of NATO and CIA/RAW. There are some elements of Khawarij Tehreek e Zalimaan e Pentagon in NW also but their main base is in Kunar. Their NW elements can be eliminated through the help of local tribes, precision strikes and covert intelligence operations. But it is in Kunar that we have to launch a massive war to finally crush the Khawarij. But before that, we need to change the regime in Islamabad. Under these traitors, Pakistan cannot go to war seriously.

Supreme Court has made it clear that there is NO government in Baluchistan. SC had also clearly said earlier that all political parties in Sindh and Karachi are involved in Terrorism. Supreme Court has also confirm that the PPP government was involved in treason by writing the Memo against Pakistan and Pak army. With such treason and betrayl within the government, it is clear that unless Pak army intervene decisively, Pakistan has literally gone to dogs. We demand Pak army to do its sacred duty of defending Pakistan against all enemies -- internal and external. The red line has been crossed. Nation wants peace, security and justice NOT democracy!!!