Thursday, 25 September 2014

ISIS is a Mossad front. Now US uses the "boogey" to annihilate Syria!

Tweets on sectarian wars, Middle East !

Shia militants attack Yemen's Sunni govt in Capital. Sunni Arabs join US to attack Shia Syrian govt! Is this anything to be proud of ? :-(
Syria becomes the 7th Muslim country to be bombed by US since 2003. ISIS is a Mossad front. Now US uses the "boogey" to annihilate Syria! Saudi Salafis are ruthless against Shia Iranians & vice versa. The sectarian war within the Muslim world is a strategic weapon used by CIA.

Allama Iqbal had warned 90 years ago against these sectarian wars "Oh those who are obsessed with AbuBakr & Ali, wake up before its too late."

Pakistan MUST NOT fall in this sectarian war between Arabs & Iranians. Pakistan must have Independent good terms with both Arabs & Iran. Pakistan's relations with Tehran or Riyadh MUST NOT be hostage to their bilateral hatred & wars. Pakistan MUST be a pacifier NOT a party.

First CIA/Mossad, Sunni Arabs create ISIS. Then they join hands "against" it, creating justification for invasion of Syria for Greater Israel. Iran joins hands with US to overthrow Saddam & bring a Shia govt. Then Mossad creates "Sunni" ISIS. Now US join hands with Iran against it. This is the insanity & complexity of the ME crisis. You are a NATO Sunni & a Russian Shia in Syria, but a NATO Shia in Iraq against Jew ISIS. The sectarian wars of the ME have reached Pakistan also. If you praise Iran, you are branded as a Shia agent, else a Saudi wahabi terrorist.

It MUST be clearly understood by all Pakistanis. Pakistan's interest lies in building strongest regional blocks with Tehran, Riyadh, Ankara. The mutual distrust of Arabs, Iranians & Turks can ONLY be pacified by a strong Pak leadership, which has good terms with all 3 nations.
In this entire Shia-Sunni, Arab-Persian wars, the net beneficiary is Israel, decimating Muslim countries around it, expanding its borders!

Saudis/CIA created FSA, Al Nusrat front in Syria. Israel created ISIS, which is actually IDF Jews. Iran created Houti Militia & Iraqi army. Iran fully cooperated with CIA in overthrowing Saddam in Iraq & Taliban in Afg. Now Israeli ISIS killing Shias in Iraq. Tehran in panic. Both Saudis and Iranians must realize that their proxy wars against each other will destroy them both. Israel targets both Riyadh & Tehran!