Wednesday, 24 September 2014

When I spoke against sectarian terrorists, TTP Khawarij, & Geo, they also accused me of being a Qadiani & follower of a fake prophet :-)

Tweets on Qadiani / Ahmadi fitnah.

In a Muslim society, if any one claims to be a Prophet, or Jesus Christ or the promised Mehdi, then Muslims would be offended on this claim. All civilizations & societies punish impostors, fake claims & those who steal identities, especially in matters of religion. This is natural.
How would Christians & Pope feel about a man who comes to Vatican & claims that he is Jesus Christ? Would Burn him on stake for blasphemy :-)

That is why Muslims are harsh on Qadianis/Ahmadis. Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, the founder of Ahmadiya cult claims to be a prophet, Jesus & Mehdi too. Ahmadis should realize that their claim that they are Muslims too is totally unsustainable according to 1400 years of Muslim law & tradition.

We know Ahmadis are treated harshly but that is because all impostors are treated as criminals in all societies. Ahmadis hijack Islam's Identity.

I would invite all young Ahmadis who have been born into Ahmadi families to come to me and discuss what Islam says about Mehdi & Issa (as).

Many Ahmadi children have visited me in the last few years and alhamdolillah, have reverted back to Islam. Our team member is an ex-Ahmadi. For the young Ahmadi children, it is not difficult to understand that Mirza Ghulam was NOT Imam Mehdi or Prophet Jesus or any other prophet.

If Ahmadis accept that they belong to a different religion & do NOT masquerade as Muslims, then they will be protected as non-Muslims. All non-Muslims are protected in a Muslim society. We Muslims are honor bound to do that BUT we cannot allow blasphemers hijacking our faith.

Since, there is so much hullabaloo in West about persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan, so I thought to put the record straight for once!:-)

Having said that, I accept that there are major flaws in Blasphemy laws of Pakistan which allows sectarian terrorist Mullahs to exploit it. The biggest flaw is that blasphemy cases CANNOT be heard in an Islamic court! Can you believe it? Federal Shariat court is NOT allowed! When deeply religious cases are heard under 1860 Anglo-Saxon British laws, their abuse is fully guaranteed! This is what is happening in Pakistan.

Only two procedural changes need to be done and all abuse of Blasphemy law would stop - Sharia laws & false accuser MUST be hanged too. If cases are heard under most strict law of evidence & procedures defined in Sharia & a false accuser is hanged too, then all abuse would stop.

When I spoke against sectarian terrorists, TTP Khawarij, & Geo, they also accused me of being a Qadiani & follower of a fake prophet :-)
If there was sharia laws in Pakistan, at least in matters of religion, then all false accusers would be lashed, put in jail & expelled!

According to Islamic law, all those who have accused me of being a Qadiani, follower of a false prophet are liable to be lashed. Soon, IA :-)

Those children who have been born into Ahmadi families are not at fault. Muslims should do Dawah to them with love and wisdom & NOT hate.

We Muslims have to deal with this Ahmadi problem with wisdom under sharia laws. Street arson, riots are NOT Sunnah way of Dawah or justice. That is why it is absolutely critical to have Islamic laws & courts to decide religious disputes. It stops street violence & anarchy !!