Monday, 29 September 2014

Why Indians, Geo, TTP, BLA, CIA, RAW are after my blood?

My tweets last night on IK and Dr. TUQ. Time to jolt them into some serious thinking.

Remember this - Pakistan has also been destroyed by sincere people, who were idiots in personal capacity, without any vision, wisdom!! The crisis which Pakistan faces today is
unprecedented & existential. There is NO political leader alive today who knows the solutions! Fact.

I will be blunt - Both IK & Dr. TUQ do NOT have the capacity & the experience to develop response to this deployed 5th Gen War, as in ME!

I do not doubt the sincerity of IK, but his capacity to understand the complex geo-politics of the reshaping of the greater ME is dangerous.
Dr. TUQ is a scholar only. I would pray behind him but would NEVER go to battle under his command. Imam Abu Haneefa could NEVER be a Leader.

The political plans given by both IK & TUQ are a disaster to say the least, as far as developing response to the deployed bloody 5thGW.

Can you appoint Dr. TUQ or IK as heads of Kahuta research Labs?? NO. Why? because it needs a specialist technical person like Dr. AQ Khan.

Similarly, Pakistan today faces a war of Balkanization, just as Iraq, Syria! The axis of 5thGW are bloody complex. NO leader even understands. I have absolutely NO doubt that Pakistan will sink under the solutions given by Dr. TUQ & IK. National govt or Mid Term elecitons - Suicide.

I totally agree that NS is a threat to Pakistan & that's why I support Dharnas. But I also want IK & TUQ to understand their limitations!
My support to IK & TUQ is NOT unconditional. They MUST NOT act as sincere BUT Naive useful tools in the hands of sinister advisers. If IK & TUQ are sincere to Pakistan, they MUST clearly demand an army backed technocratic govt for 3 years! Their own solutions are disaster.

If you dont like my opinion, un-follow me. But the fact cannot be changed - Pakistan's crisis cannot be resolved within solutions of IK/TUQ.

If army does not bring a civilian techno govt, then wait for the destiny to unfold, just as Muslims of Iraq & Syria are suffering today!!
What vested interest do I have to risk my life & family for years, almost alone against such ruthless enemies of Pakistan?? Money?? Rubbish!

I am NOT into democracy nor making any party nor taking money from any group or party or army. It is my duty of passion to defend Pakistan.

I will say to all followers of IK & TUQ. I am NOT your enemy. I appreciate your sincere efforts BUT Your solutions are disaster for Pakistan.

When we speak, it is based on a proven track record of last 28 years of being into hardcore geo-politics of the region. This is NOT theory.
There are also naive who think that we are arm chair analysts, write on twitter only with no practical experience! Ignorance is so rampant.
If IK & TUQ feel that their strategy is correct, then they are welcome to pursue it. But I will give my views! Take it leave - their choice.

It is my duty to give azaan, to speak the truth, educate & advice the nation & the policy makers - irrespective of the threats & risks! Allah has NEVER proven me wrong in the last 28 years of my professional life. I run a hardcore Security Org & I am NOT a theoretical analyst. Read my book from Indus to Oxus - my memoirs of Afghan war! in 1992, I could foresee the present Afghan war & ethnic divisions of today.

You can ignore my analysis, but then be prepared to face the bloody consequences also. I had clearly warned you about these elections also.

You will NEVER know my other duties, away from social media :-) But use common sense. Why Indians, Geo, TTP, BLA, CIA, RAW are after my blood? If the known staunch enemies of Pakistan & Islam are not trying to destroy you, then you should stop & ponder! You are NOT hurting them hard.

I could NEVER understand how can a known traitor, enemy, murderer, rapist & anarchist like toad Altaf Hussain be called his brother by TUQ.

IK's disastrous stance on talks with TTP caused so much bloodshed & violence in the country, allowing the Khawarij to kill! He is responsible.

To followers of IK & Dr. TUQ -- don't get me started on the disastrous blunders of your leaders! Your leaders read what I write, & respect.
My point is - Its is proven that both IK & TUQ have made blunders & still making them. They should stop & ponder - Techno govt for 3 years.

Just last advice before I break. If you dont like my analysis & views, please un-follow. I will NOT offer any apologies nor give any quarter!
And one last point - I am NOT jealous of IK or TUQ :-) Dont want what they have, nor wish to be what they are. NEVER! My duty is different.