Saturday, 6 December 2014

50,000 Pakistanis killed and NO ONE is held accountable? Zaid Hamid

Who is responsible for this?? Foreign powers, internal insurgents, collaborating politicians, media, judiciary? ALL!

50,000 Pakistanis killed and NO ONE is held accountable?? This is even a bigger crime than the atrocities of the enemies! Who is enemy??
What is tragic is that despite such staggering loses, the nation remains clueless, leaders incompetent, media confused & judiciary silent..
Idiots still find simplistic solutions in blaming Zia or Musharraf but ignore the US war, Indian support to insurgents & Khawarij fanatics..
We will lose half a million more if we do not identify the threats & perpetrators maturely & then eliminate them ruthlessly - both Internal & External.

In times of war, army DOES NOT hand over POWs to judiciary for a trail in a civil court! Why it is being done now? This is the bottom line crisis.
Despite losing 50K citizens & troops in a decade old war, the govt, judiciary & media still do not consider the country at war!! Insanity!!
A govt facing an existential war against country refuses to accept that it is in a state of war & refuses to empower the army & insults it.
Many heads need to roll for deliberately & through criminal negligence allowing the space to the insurgents to wage this brutal war!