Monday, 29 December 2014

Only Mushriks, Khawarij and their brothers reject the ahadees of Ghazwa e Hind !!

Now you know why Khawarij, Hindus Mushriks and their brothers in Comgressi Deobandi Ulama attack this Faqeer -- It is because of Ghazwa e Hind !!

Ahadees and concept of Ghazwa e Hind is more dangeorus weapon against Mushriks, even more dangerous than our nuke missiles. That is why Khawarij have been given this duty to attack this faqeer, call him a Kafir, Qadiani etc to destroy the concept of Ghazwa. NOT a single Congressi Deobandi Alim in India or Pakistan teach about Ghazwa e Hind !! Why ?? Now you know why ..

Here we present a detailed booklet by a Mufti of ahl sunnah, for all those who want to know the ahadees in detail. Only Khawarij, Mushriks and their brothers will say that I have created these ahadees myself... All Ummah agrees to the authenticity and truth of Ghazwa e Hind ! Labbaik Ghazwa e Hind ! death to Khawarij and Mushriks !!