Monday, 29 December 2014

Deobandis have been given the mission to stop Ghazwa e Hind !! read this mail...

Read this post by a pro-Mushrik deobandi. Is there any doubt left now that they are Mushrik agents and their duty is to protect Mushriks and Hindus of India ?? For the last 7 years, I am facing this line of attack and arguments from top deobandi Mullahs. I dont care what they call me but I will fight with my sword if they try to reject Ghazwa e Hind ahadees and try to defend Mushriks! This is NOT forgivable. All those of you, who defend deoband, should take sides now. Stop teaching me to stay silent. Stop your brothers from barking against Ghazwa e Hind and stop defending Mushriks!!

This is the reason why I am against Some Deoband Mullahs -- they support Mushriks, reject Ghazwa e Hind and support Khawarij !! These are NOT the signs of Muslims but the signs of Dajjal !!

Now read...


"Very soon, Allah will unveil zaid hamid's true face. The youth of Pakistan will soon come to know about his real mission of manipulating their minds by self explained verses of Qur'an and ahadees for preparing a militant army of Pak youth, provoking them to become warlike nation against India. Misinterpretation of daeef hadees about ghazwa e hind is one of his misleading quotation, not even mention sahih muslim or sahih bukhari. Which mean ''jang'' (war) because Hazrat Mohammad SAWW can not physically participate in any war now.

Zaid hamid has limited time. He must have to call his false shiekh (maluoon) Yusuf as KAZZAB, and must repeat the words of other muslims who follow the true guidance...! Shabash!!! Who believe in Khatm e Naboowat. Other wise wrath of Allah will be upon him"