Saturday, 7 February 2015

Both MQM and TTP must be crushed..

Only Deobandi Khawarij and their idiotic morons accuse me of spreading sectarianism and speaking against their sect and "Jihad" .
MQM blame me of targeting the Urdu speakers.

Now lets come to facts:

I am an Urdu speaker. My all 4 grand parents, my parents migrated to Pakistan by leaving behind their entire wealth and lands of generations. I was born in Karachi. Karachi was my hometown till 1992. I am a pure Karachiite. I say that MQM DOES NOT represent us. Altaf is a snake, fed by RAW & MI6. He must be hanged for killing 100,000 Pakistanis in the last 25 years. MQM CANNOT challenge my credentials.

I am the Mujahid of Afghan Jihad. We defeated the Soviets. We fought under Islam and Sharia. We never covered our faces. We never killed women, children. We NEVER tortured prisoners. We NEVER attacked Pakistan. We fought against the Soviets and Communist Afghans and Indians. Now I say that TTP are Khawarij and NOT Mujahideen. They CANNOT challenge my credentials.

MQM has a huge presence of Shia leadership. Entire Shia community of Karachi supported MQM. On the other hand, Mufti Naeem is a hardcore Kharji Deobandi. He also fully supports Altaf Hussian. I know that. Karachi is MY city too. We say that openly that MQM is a terrorist organization and all its leaders must be crushed -- Shias or Sunnis or just secular.

Many Ulama of all religious parties from all sects attend Iftar parties and dinners of MQM and eat the Haram Bhatta money food. By not speaking against MQM and eating from the table of MQM, all Ulama are guilty of haram rizq, haram amal and supporting MQM.

Karachi will be the battleground now. Decades of Zulm and silence of the Ulama and corruption of the governments cannot be cleaned in a day without bloodshed. As MQM's hand is exposed in burning 300 Muslims alive, this will get even more ugly. This is a punishment on this nation for its collective crimes. Each one is responsible -- every political party, every sect, every Mullah ! Blame yourself..

We will defend Pakistan against all enemies, irrespective of their political affiliation, sects, ethnicity. This is a promise.