Friday, 6 February 2015

Yet another proof that ISIS is a facade of "Islamic" terrorism choreographed by Israeli/CIA secret service !

We have always told you ISIS is a Mossad operation -- Arabic speaking Jews and Salafi Khawarij pretending to be Muslims ! This video is yet another damning evidence. The white CIA/Mossad man was not supposed to be in the picture of this "Mujahid" but accidentally, he was captured. we have enhanced his image for you to see clearly that the camera man is NOT a Mujahid but a CIA/Mossad Jewish operator. Same is here in Pakistan also -- the local fighters are idiots from deoband. Their handlers are Tattoo Jewish Zionists !

That is why we say -- anyone who refuse to call them as Khawarij would be crushed, attacked and humiliated by us without mercy ! Tariq Jameel, Jamaat e Islami, JUI leaders should hear this loud and clear.