Thursday, 5 February 2015

For years, BrassTacks has been the backbone of Pakistan's defense in the information war, defending the ideology and protecting the armed forces from hostile propaganda.

Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Sulaiman was a fine PAF Chief we had. He led the campaign against the Khawarij and supported the army in JIhad against Khawarij. A fine commander indeed, MashAllah !

He also respected the sacred mission of BrassTacks and our team in defending the ideological and spiritual frontiers of Pakistan and supporting the armed forces in these dangerous times. All great military Commanders of Pakistan love and respect our work and appreciate the role by our team alhamdolillah !!

Those who are jealous of our duty and the respect we have can die in their own rage... We dont give a Damn. This letter is just another of the dozens we have from our very finest of the armed forces, alhamdolillah ! We are making them public for the first time to destroy this enemy propaganda that Pak armed forces do not respect us. Alhamdolilah, we are their guardian angels and they know it !!

When the war was raging in the Frontier province, the most die hard patriot was the Governor in the province. Owais Ghani.

As Governor representing the Federal government, he fought back against the Khawarij, led the entire operations in tibal areas, Rah e Rast and Rah e Nijaat in Swat and South Waziristan and destroyed the main backbone of the enemies. This is what Governor Owais Ghani said about BrassTacks and our mission in the heat of the war when Pakistan needed an ideological and spiritual narrative in media and BrassTacks was the only voice defending Pakistan !!

Admiral Asif Sandila is our previous Naval Chief, MashAllah ! He received our Book from Indus to Oxus and this is what he had to say about the quality of the book and our analysis in it. Alhamdolillah, every patriotic officer in the armed forces respect our work, analysis and duty !!

And finally to give the most comprehensive shut up call to the enemies of all types, we present the appreciation letter from our most respected and loved ISI's DG, dear General Pasha ! He was one of the finest DG's we had. A brave patriot, who fought back with great courage in extremely difficult times. He knew the importance of our mission and truly respected us and the team BrassTacks for the mission we were undertaking. We are honored to know this fine soldier of Pakistan! May Allah bless him always.

The letters we have shown you are from the retired officers only. We cant show you the serving officers :-)

The purpose was to make one point very clear -- for years, BrassTacks has been the backbone of Pakistan's defense in the information war, defending the ideology and protecting the armed forces from hostile propaganda. All our top most policy makers and military commanders and the ISI Chiefs, in the most difficult periods of war love, respect and support our mission with utmost appreciation, alhamdolillah !

Our work, mission and the duty have been the game changers and turned the tables against the enemies. From a hopeless and disastrous crisis, we have emerged, regrouped, counter attacked and now winning the war, alhamdolillah !

Pak armed forces are our baby. We have taken upon ourselves to defend our armed forces, nation and the ideology in this 4th and 5th Generation war, advising, guiding and supporting the armed forces to fight and win this war.

This is what we started to do in 2007 and still do in 2015 !! In 2015, Pak army is implementing our policies now -- Military Courts, executions, hitting them in Afghanistan !!

Every child knows that these are BrassTacks policies. The wise ones can take the clue from here :-) . The Idiots can remain in doubt. :))

We are fighting a war and inshAllah, in the coming days, we will be more and more ruthless against the enemies. May Allah give barakah and victory to Pak armed forces, Millat e Pakistan and humiliate the Khawarij, Munafiqs and the Mushriks !