Thursday, 7 May 2015

Prime Minister Meeting Terrorists

The Prime Minister(PM) is seen here meeting with an avowed terrorist, drug & weapons smuggler. Maybe our PM should take some lessons in Bughti tribal history and learn that Talal Bughti had been dis owned by his own father Akbar and never allowed in Dera Bughti. Moreover, all Quetta knew of Talal's massive drugs & alchol abuse and his linkages with criminals, gun runners, drug pushers etc.

Has our PM also forgotten about the immense arms cache caught while being smuggled into Quetta valley by Shahzain Bughti, the same person who is now sitting with him.

In the picture is also the PM's national affairs adviser Mr Siddiqi(the biggest supporter of Taliban & religious terrorists).

Pakistan says we are fighting war against terrorists. Well all types of terrorists are in this photograph. Good luck Pakistan!