Monday, 25 January 2016

Zaid Hamid Letter to Tariq Jameel : Your silence is NOT sunnah BUT Zulm e Kabeer ! What would you say to Allah (swt) on the day of judgement ??  

My open letter to Tariq Jameel sb:

Dear Tariq sb,

Ulama of our country claim the noble status that they are the "Wariseen of the Prophet (sm)" !

But when I ask some of them to defend the deen & Ummah of Rasul Allah (sm), their reply is : You are a Qadiani, you are a kafir, you are a shia, first tell us your maslak.... astaghfurullah !!

They claim to be Waris of Nabi (sm) BUT they eat haram, afraid to speak truth, create fitnah, support Khawarij, help Mushriks and destroy the deen and the millat from within.

Some like yourself say "we are not in politics" !!

what does this statement mean Tariq sb??? Is it politics to stop fellow Muslims from Zulm ? Is this politics to speak truth in front of Zalim?

Rasul Allah (sm) has ordered us for "amr bil maroof and nahee un munkir".. Give orders for right things and stop from kufr and zulm...

Rasul Allah (sm) has ordered us that greatest Jihad is to speak truth in front of Zalim rulers...

Rasul Allah (sm) has ordered us to help our brothers even if they are Zalim or Mazlooma and the help of Zalim is that you stop him from zulm..

My dear Tariq Jameel sb, is this all politics which Rasul Allah (sm) has told us to do ?? Are the ahadees of Khawarij politics in your eyes ?? Which Islam do you follow my dear Tariq sb ?? Your followers call you a wali Allah !! Is this the attributes of Aulia Allah that they enjoy the slaughter of Ummat e Rasul (sm) and stay silent despite having the powers to stop the zulm ??

Tariq sb, TTP are Khawarij. TTP are your students. You have influence over them. Your silence is NOT sunnah BUT Zulm e Kabeer ! What would you say to Allah (swt) on the day of judgement ?? will you say in front of Allah (swt) also that you stayed silent because you were not in politics ?? Prepare a good answer Tariq sb. Allah will ask you indeed.

Your followers are abusing me shamelessly because I have asked you to speak against Khawarij :-)

your followers in govt, media and Mullahs are waging a strong campaign to silence me because I have asked you a difficult question but you can be sure that Allah (swt) will ask you even more difficult questions. On that day, you will be answerable for all the innocent blood of Ummat e Rasul.

I am sure you have prepared similar replies that you give today like "you stayed silent and did not stop the slaughter of Muslims because it was all politics and you were busy converting people to Islam to be killed by your students -- Khawarij"

I would love to be there, on the day of judgement, to see how you give these replies to Allah (swt).

And to your followers who are busy trying to prove me a qadiani or a shia, I would only say that Izzat, rizq, life is NOT in your hands... InshAllah, soon, Allah will show you what you do not wish to see... Izzat to Pak Sarzameen, defeat of Khawarij and rise of Islam with all its politics, economic and justice ! InshAllah !

Tariq sb, Be witness that we knocked at your door a thousand times. Now you have NO excuse..

Salam upon those who follow hidaya..