Monday, 15 February 2016

A US Congressional hearing on Saudi links with Daish -- shape of things to come for Saudis is not pleasant indeed..

This is a high level hearing in US Congress on Daish & its links with Saudi Arabia... You can hear it and know the direction of wind...

US is now going to abandon Saudi Arabia also... When you monitor the tone of such hearings and the supportive media attacks against any country, you know that now they will be a target. US is getting closer to Iran these days. The oil prices have been reduced from $100 to $24 only to damage Saudi Arabia which is now facing a dangerous financial crisis. Also, there are two wars Saudis are stuck in. Yemen and Syria.. ! Also, the clash with Iran and unrest within local population due to Daish influence. Imagine, a syria like crisis in Saudi Arabia... ! The entire Pak-India-Bangladesh region would be in turmoil as well as there are nearly 5 million workers from these regions working in SA.

No one in Pakistan is monitoring these dangerous developments.