Sunday, 7 February 2016

After this Clinton Email, my flagship program on NewsOne tv, BrassTacks,was shut down by the channel in 2010 :)

My flagship program BrassTacks was shut down by NewsOne channel under the orders of US embassy and Zardari govt in March 2010 -- the reason was this email to Hillary Clinton in February 2010 ! :))

Those of you who remember the BrassTacks series know that how that program changed the entire rules of the war being waged against Pakistan.

This report in Dawn also confirms that US heavily monitors the Pak media and especially the Social Media !! Now you know why we call this page our battle station to defend Pakistan in this hostile information war.

There are many who taunt me that it is easy to sit on the lap top and post comments and I should do something REAL :-)

My challenge to them : "Record a two minute video of yourself, give your full introduction, name, address and family details in the video and then repeat these words " TTP are Khawarij, their top leaders like Fazlullah, Wali Ur rehman, FaqeerMuhemmed should be killed where ever they are seen, Mullah Aziz is a kharji dog of hell, Mufti naeem is a rascal, Lej and SSP are terrorist gangs, Altaf and MQM are RAW agents, Tariq Jameel is a coward, Geo is a CIA/RAW paid media terrorist, Brahmdahgh Bugti is a terrorist and should be killed, Zardari, Asfandyar Wali and Nawaz are corrupt and economic terrorists and and should be put on trial, CIA and RAW are terrorist orgs waging a war against Pakistan"

Lets see if you have the courage to say this on tv with your name, face and address. :)) I have said this a million times in the last 9 years... and you know what I have faced also :-)

I live within the people, travel normally and still say this, alhamdolillah.. I face death threats, attacks, harassment and insults every day...come and join the battle ifyou think it is so easy :-)

record your video and send it to me. I shall post it on my page:)

If you cannot do this, then NEVER open your mouth again that battle on media and social media is not a practical work :))

read the article and join the fight.. this is not a fan page. this is a battle station..