Sunday, 7 February 2016

I am the biggest supporter that Pakistan MUST send its forces to Saudi Arabia to protect Haramain against Khawarij.

Saudi Arabia had arrested me on false charges. They kept me in jails under most stressful conditions in maximum security jails with hardcore terrorists, bombers, throat slitters and animals. My wife was also sent to jail, interrogated, kept in Medina for 3 months without her husband, family and children. My family in Pakistan was burning on stakes.. my team was under excruciating pain..Pakistan was in in tears.. because of this zulm.

Alhamdolillah, all allegations were proved wrong. I was released and sent home..

Logically, I should be extremely angry with Saudis for what they did. They never paid any compensation, no official letter of apology.. Yes, I am extremely in Jalal, no doubt.

I saw their jails from inside, saw their system, say thousands of innocent people also who are locked up there for NO crime at all in most inhuman conditions.. every story would move you to tears..

I saw the weakness of Saudi society and systems. I saw their rulers and the destiny which is now heading towards them..

I have a strong urge to humiliate, disgrace, destroy the Saudi regime BUT I have NOT done it. I will NEVER do it. Instead, I am the biggest supporter that Pakistan MUST send its forces to Saudi Arabia to protect Haramain against Khawarij.

Neither the Daish wants Pak forces in Saudi Arabia Nor the Iranians want. BUT I want to send Pak forces to Saudi arabia. Not for yemen war or syrian war BUT for Haramain and our 2 million Pakistanis present there.

Imagine, if I start to speak what I saw inside the jails, where would Saudi Arabia and the King stand ?? If I wanted to divide the Ummah, I would taken all the help from Iran or anti-Saudi powers and used that to destroy the Kingdom and its rulers who have so much Zulm to me personally... !

You think Iran or any other anti-Saudi govt would refuse anything to me if I make that offer to them ? Millions of dollars could be at my door if I take sides in this war between SA and Iran. BUT NEVER would I do that.

Still, the Khawarij say that I work for Iran :-)

Against all the wishes of Iran, Pak army Must go to Saudi Arabia. Pakistan MUST defend Haramain. Pakistan MUST mediate between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

I will not destroy Saudi arabia, despite the zulm they have done. My duty to unite the Ummah and expose the Khawarij. I will not speak against Saudi arabia, I will not speak against Iran. we are working with both of them to bring peace..

HasbunAllah Naimal Wakeel..