Wednesday, 24 February 2016

What did Allama Iqbal said about the political betrayal of Deoband ?Why did Iqbal baba compared Deoband with Qadian?

Baba Allama Iqbal is Allah's gift to this Ummah. He had the firasat of a Mujadidid and of a Wali Allah and he has clearly told us of all fitnahs of this time. You can call him a Kafir too BUT that does not change the fact that He was a Wali Allah, MashAllah.

There is something this young generation needs to know. What did Baba Iqbal said about the role of Deoband in India. This is brutally harsh truth and it will hurt many BUT all those who love Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) MUST think and ponder deep on what Baba Iqbal said and why??

Today, when we see that all Khawarij working for Mushriks are from Deoband, then you can understand the depth of Baba Iqbal's vision. It is time that followers of Deoband stop calling themsleves as Deobandis otherwise they will be part of the Deoband Baba Iqbal is warning us against. Be a Muslim only. NOT a sectarian kharji.