Friday, 26 February 2016

Pak nation MUST understand the role RAW and internal traitors in breaking up of Pakistan and also present war through Geo, MQM, ANP, TTP and political parties

Pak nation MUST understand the role RAW and internal traitors in breaking up of Pakistan and also present war through Geo, MQM, ANP, TTP and political parties. This is what happened in East Pakistan in which father of Hamid Mir and father of Asma Jahangir also played treacheorus roles.

A RAW officer has written a book on what RAW does in Pakistan. Read it. Wali Khan/Ghaffar Khan party are old traitors. Same is being done through MQM today.. will show you evidence of that later also. Everything what the liberal Indian paid beyghairats tell you about Pak defeat in East Pakistan is a lie.. It was RAW, traitors and Soviets who joined hands.. !

Now you will understand Pathankot attack also..


An admission by RK Yadav former Raw superior

Are Pakistan's allegations against RAW mere conspiracy theories? Are all of Pakistan's problems today entirely of its own making? Is RAW just a dis-interested spectator of the grisly drama being played out in Pakistan?

Let's try and answer these questions by looking at the history of the Indian spy agency and its successes claimed by retired Indian intelligence officer RK Yadav in his 2014 book "Mission R&AW". Although the book cites some of RAW's actions in China (Tibet), Sikkim (annexation) and Sri Lanka (creation and support of LTTE), most of it is devoted to Indian agents' accomplishments in destabilizing and disintegrating Pakistan.

Yadav's Book:
Here are some of the key Pakistan-related excerpts from Yadav's book:

On Pakhtunistan Page 21:

" Wali Khan (son of Abul Ghaffar Khan) wanted moral, political and other support from Mrs. Indira Gandhi. R.N. Kao sent hs deputy Sankaran Nair to negotiate as the Indian representative. Since Pakistan embassy was keeping watch on the movements of Wali Khan, the rendezvous was shifted to Sweden where Nair and another R&AW man of Indian mission I.S. Hassanwalia met Wali Khan. Subsequently all sorts of support was given to Wali Khan by the Indian Government till 1977 when Indira Gandhi lost election".

On Agartala Conspiracy Page 197:

"In view of the disclosures of S.K. Nair, it is evidently true that Mujib was implicated in the Agartala Conspiracy case at the instance of Pakistan Government. However, it is also true that other accused in this case were certainly agents of Intelligence Bureau (IB) in India"

On Fokker Hijacking in Srinagar Page 227:

There was an agent of R&AW-Hashim Qureshi in Srinagar.......R&AW persuaded Hashim Qureshi to work for them.....After the plan was given final shape, on January 30, 1971, Hashim Qureshi along with another operative Ashraf Qureshi, his relative, was allowed to hijack a Fokker Friendship plane ***** of Indian Airlines with 26 passengers on board, to take the plane to Lahore airport. R&AW allowed him to carry a grenade and a toy pistol inside the plane.

Pakistani authorities at Lahore airport allowed the plane to land when they were informed that it had been hijacked by National Liberation Front activist militants of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. All India Radio soon made broadcast of this hijacking and the whole world was informed that the Pakistan Government was behind this hijacking...The incident overtly gave India the right opportunity which was planned by R.N. Kao, to cancel the flights of Pakistan over its territory which hampered the plans of Yahya Khan to send its troops by air to curb the political movement of Mujib in East Pakistan.

On Mukti Bahini Page 231:

Since the Indian Army was not prepared and well-equipped for an immediate army action at that point (March 1971), it was planned to raise and train a guerrilla outfit of the Bengali refugees of East Pakistan by R&AW which would harass the Pakistan Army till the Indian Army would be ready for the final assault to the liberation of East Pakistan. She (Indira Gandhi) then asked R.N. Kao, Chief of R&AW, to prepare all possible grounds for the army for its final assault when the clearance from General Maneckshaw was received for its readiness for the war.

On 3 RAW created Forces (Mujeeb Bahini, Special Frontier Force (SFF) and Kader Bahini Page 242:

"..He (Kader Siddiqui aka Tiger Siddiqui) was the main operative of R&AW in the most vital areas of strategic operation around Dacca... Kader Bahini played havoc with the communication system of the army (Pakistani), ambushed enemy columns, blew up supply and ammunition dumps and assaulted a number of enemy convoys.....all these three guerrilla outfits created by R&AW with the help of BSF and the (Indian) army proved a vital force .. "

Obviously, the author is silent on India's current activities against Pakistan, particularly its covert war being waged from Afghanistan through its agents who have infiltrated Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA).

Ajit Doval Speech:

For clues as to what Indian spooks are up to now, let's watch the video of a 2013 speech by Ajit Doval delivered before he was appointed by Indian Prime Minister Modi as his National Security Advisor (NSA). Here are a few snippets from Doval's lecture at Sastra University in Tamil Nadu:

"How do we tackle Pakistan? .. You make it difficult for them (Pakistan) to manage their internal security... Pakistan's vulnerability is many many times higher than India's....Taliban have beheaded 23 of their (Pakistani) soldiers...funding can be countered by giving more funds...more than one-and-a-half times the funding they have available and they'll be yours..the Taliban are mercenaries...go for more of a covert thing"