Monday, 28 March 2016

This is worth reading. A Barelvi student send this mail...

This is worth reading.. It is Allah fazal if He blesses someone with Sharah Sadr and noor to see. A Barelvi student send this mail. read it with open heart and mind.. May Allah gives hidaya to those who cannot see and whose hearts are sealed..



Assalamualikum Wa Rahmatullah.
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What has happened today is a big question mark on the loyalty of Barelvis to Pak Sarzameen. You have been very clear on your stance. Only the blind ones can not see (whether Barelvis or Deobandis) what you have been trying to emphasize about the real enemy for so long. Only jahils would not see what's coming to them in the form of greater enemy i.e. Khwarji and Hindu Zionists. This is not the time for creating sectarian anarchy within ourselves instead we have to see with open eyes the ultimate beneficiary of all this hustle in Pak Sarzameen. Without any doubt that beneficiary is our greater enemy Hindu Banya and their Khwarji Allies.

I am referring mainly to the Mumtaz Qadri's chehlum today.

Murshadi, I belong to a big family with real strong Barelvi background. We all are Bait to Hazoor Tajushariah Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan Barelvi, great grandson of IMAM AHMAD RAZA KHAN BARELVI (R.A.) and current "Gad'di Nasheen" in Bareliey Sharif.

I trust you blindly, more than my Barelvi Ulemas, because you always make sense MASHA'ALLAH.

The problem with my Barelvi brothers is that they follow their Ulemas blindly even if Ulemas are not making any rationale or logic. I read your article on Mumtaz Qadri issue and right there and then I got to know clearly where Barelvi Ulemas were making mistake. They are making it today too and I am afraid that this will lead to a "BAD-GUMANI" about Pak Army in the hearts of them ultimately. This also will benefits whom? Yes, India. Hindu Zionists. Khwarjis hell dogs.

I'm not a practicing Muslim, but I am not confused about the greater issue Pakistan is facing today from the greater enemy. And that's only because Allah SWT has blessed me and all sane Muslims with you. ALHAMDULILLAH.

I'm writing to you for the first time, and my purpose is to suggest (i'm no wiser than you Allah maaf farmaye just kinda asking) that as we know general Barelvi Public blindly follows their Ulemas, what if you somehow manage to arrange a meeting with top-line Barelvi Ulemas like Khadim Hussain Rizvi, Saqib Raza Mustafai, Ashraf Asif Jalali, Irfan Shah Mashhadi, Muzaffar Shah Saab etc. All gathered in one place in the presence of some representatives from Pak Army too [in order to keep HALAAT normal ;-)]??? And you talk to them and clear them how to deal with sensitive issues like these in current scenario?

You might have this idea in your blessed brain already. Just let us know if you're working on this already. Or if you have done this already. Or those Ulemas did not understand your stance or whatever.

Let me know atleast, so that I get clear picture of my very own Ulemas. I can doubt them, I can never ever ever ever doubt you. ALHAMDULILLAH.

Thanks alot for everything you have delivered to us. You are a big EHSAAN from Allah SWT in this problematic era.

Sorry for writing such a long email. I understand that your time is precious
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P.S. I'm really heartbroken with so much Jahils and Ehmaqs commenting and abusing on your Facebook page without going through your history and your real mission. That really makes me sad and gives a sense that Qayamat is near.

Your gunahgaar follower,