Thursday, 9 June 2016

Obama says he will continue to enter Pakistan to attack Taliban.. ! No rascal, you wont ! Now you will face backlash

The entire objective of US war against Afghanistan was to dismember & break Pakistan under the Af-Pak and 5th Gen Wars !! US also wanted to break Pak-China strategic alliance and CPEC & also wanted to scuttle any chances that Russia may join Pakistan and China for a Asian Strategic alliance.

To achieve these grand strategic objectives, US needed India, Afghan NDS & proxy terrorists of TTP, BLA and MQM. US also needed a weak compromised democracy led by Zardari and Nawaz... and a treacherous media led by Geo.. ! US used Drones to attack and kill all those militants who wanted to talk to Pakistan for peace. Drones also violated Pak sovereignty. US attacked Salala check post. US attacked Abbotabad in a fake OBL operation..

The idea was to prove to the world that US is still powerful in the region and can subdue Pakistan...

US could do that in the times of Musharraf and Kayani BUT Raheel is made from a different material...

On behalf of the Pakistani nation, we patriots know that Pak army will NEVER accept the US game plan against Pakistan. TTP will be crushed. BLA will be eliminated. MQM will be nailed. Drones will be stopped, CPEC will be made, Indian presence in Afg will be eliminated... TTA will be accepted as legitimate stake holder in Afg.

US wants to stop all these great achievements of Pak army.... ! NEVER inshAllah.. !

There is a rule of the gunfight -- when you are in a gun fight with a gangster, bring all your guns, bring all your friends who have guns !!!

Pakistan has powerful guns and Pakistan have powerful friends who have powerful guns... !!

Uncle Sam, you have been advised.... !! bloody rascal.. Asia does NOT belong to you. It belongs to Pakistan and its friends...