Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Our nation is so confused & strange. It wants economic progress of a dictatorial China BUT thru Democratic anarchy !

Our nation is so confused and silly.... It wants economic progress of a Dictatorial China BUT wants to achieve it through Democratic anarchy.

China has become an economic super power because it blocked democracy, it blocked all political parties, it blocked elections, it blocked foreign funding into political parties and NGO's, it brought single party dictatorship, controlled media and started killing the corrupt and the useless. Then China became a super power.

Pakistan has around 15 large and 150 smaller political parties in a fraud democracy, all foreign funded, some outright traitors, most corrupt win through fraud and rigging, anarchic media creates total national disintegration, our parliament remain most corrupt inefficient organ. Now Pakistan is becoming a total chaos and anarchy..

Now the idiots want to give another chance to PTI so that it finishes off what is left of Pakistan. ... how mad we can be ?? how insane we are as a nation ?

such nations are either destroyed by Halaku Khan or Allah brings upon them a Benevolent Dictator who cleans the society from the cancer with ruthless force. May Allah give us a Salahuddin... Ameen else Halaku is not far...